Sherry Hines


  Vice President of Retail Operations, Goodwill Industries 

  Contact: Email- Phone- (434) 792-3700 ext. 216


  Sherry holds a B.S. in Business Administration – Columbia Southern University. 


  Sherry has 27 years experience in finance/accounting (11 years as CFO for 

  Goodwill). She also has 18 years experience as an accounting/audit consultant and 14 years 

  retail experience (1.5 as VP of Retail Operations at Goodwill).


    Sherry has been working with Goodwill since May 2006.

             Sherry's Passion at Goodwill:

             "My passion for working at Goodwill comes from the opportunity provided me to be part 

             of a mission that seeks to help individuals overcome barriers and realize their personal

             goals of being a self-sufficient person and contributing member of the community. There  

             is a priceless pride that comes from the testimonies of those we serve, who relay how 

             Goodwill has positively changed the trajectory of their lives. Striving to help the next 

             person who is looking for empowerment through the power of work is my source 

             of motivation."